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Ace Auto Services Sneinton Hermitage, Colwick Road, Nottingham NG2 4BT Tel: 0115 958 4898

Engine Repair

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Tyres, Exhausts Etc

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Here at Ace Auto Services we not only service but diagnose vehicle faults

Diagnostics covers a wide range of vehicle related jobs, you could say that looking at a flat tyre to find out what made it go down is a diagnostic, but I suppose in most peoples eyes it is vehicle electrical diagnostic that comes to mind.



Car Electrical Diagnostic
Since the early 80's all new cars have come with On Board Diagnostics (OBD) as standard. The "ECU" Electronic Control Unit or on board computer had come of age.

This and many other electronic components since marked the end of the do it yourself era. Most people can not afford the time to research or the specialist equipment to diagnose, never mind repair the numerous problems that can occur with these very sophisticated systems.

That's where Ace Auto Services your local garage in Nottingham fits in. Ace Auto Services Nottingham use the very latest in Autel, Snap-on, Sun and Sykes Pickavant engine management diagnostic tools, incorporating the very latest manufacturers technical specification for your car. Sounds easy eh! in fact we have to couple the latest technology with good old fashioned experience to get the job done.

Not all vehicle problems are covered by the vehicles OBD port and like all computers even it can be fooled. If a sensor fails it might be the sensor but it could be any component right back to the fuse box, or even the power supply to those components. That's where experience enters the equation.

The computer will tell you the sensor's not working but not why. That's why Ace Auto Services garage Nottingham are here.

When your dealing with this level of sophistication trial and error is a very expensive business. Ace Auto Services Nottingham will remove the guess work. Our mechanics won't change any parts without checking that the part is indeed at fault and that you, the customer, will know how much the repair will cost BEFORE we repair it. Now isn't that refreshing! Again guess work can be an expensive business. Ace Auto Services garage Nottingham can take out the guesswork. top


Ace Auto Services offers a complete repair service

And Much much much more


The importance of servicing

Servicing is hugely important what with speed humps and potholes not to mention the amount of debris on the roads, your vehicle needs regular checks for the things the Mot person can not see, he/she is not aloud to remove components, wheels etc as you would in a service.

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