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Engine Repair

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tyres exhausts

Tyres, Exhausts Etc

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If you have a light on, on your dash board or your cars running rough, click this button for more information

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Repair Services

Here at Ace Auto Services we not only service but repair vehicles

The list of vehicle repairs is too extensive for a page as small as this but the most frequent are cam belt, clutch, head gasket, brakes, exhausts, tyres, flywheels and we do a lot of welding to MOT standard. If you car has failed an MOT elsewhere we will be happy to give you a quote for the work to get it through the MOT.

We can even refurbish small items in our sand / shot blasting cabinet just ask for a quote. Check out the page for the MGB GT we rebuilt so you can see what can be accomplished.

cam belt


Cam Belt

Cam or timing belts need to be changed either by mileage or time dependant on the manufacturers specification, IGNORE IT AT YOUR PERIL. a broken cam belt will be at least a costly repair and at worst a new engine. put simply a broken cam belt allows the bottom of the engine to come into contact with the top (moving parts) as you can imagine, NOT GOOD. simple remedy Change it early. Ace Auto Services would be happy to quote for the belt change.





Flywheel's used to be a solid bit of metal that the clutch attached to but as you can see by the image times have changed. A Dual Mass flywheel is a sophisticated bit of kit designed to take the snatch out of the clutch and so engage more smoothly. designed originally for trucks it is now found in a lot of new cars. Usually would be changed with the Clutch.






The importance of decent well adjusted brakes can not be overstated. brakes should be checked on a regular basis by a professionals such as Ace Auto Services, I'm sure you don't have to be told what would happen in the event of a brake failure. Ace Auto Services do a number of different "services" if you require a visual check we can do that whilst you wait, if you want an in depth brake check book it now, don't put it off the cost of a brake check is far less than the alternative.

Tyres and Brakes.

Tyres and brakes, one keeps you on the road and the other make sure you can stop. both as I'm sure you will agree are pretty important. We at Ace Auto Services are happy to do a visual safety check for you so be sure to check them regularly, tyre pressures and a visual inspection for punctures, cuts etc. should be done daily but in the real world weekly is okay.



Ace Auto Services offers a complete repair service

And Much much much more


The importance of servicing

Servicing is hugely important what with speed humps and potholes not to mention the amount of debris on the roads, your vehicle needs regular checks for the things the Mot person can not see, he/she is not aloud to remove components, wheels etc as you would in a service.

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