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Engine Repair

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Tyres, Exhausts Etc

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Why is Maintenance so Important?

Servicing at Ace Auto Services

Keeping on top of your car servicing not only gives you a better ride but also saves you money. keeping filters clean, brakes adjusted and tyre pressures right, cuts emissions and saves fuel / money to name just a few benefits.

Ace Auto Service specialises in all makes of car and light commercial vehicle servicing.

Why Ace Auto Services
  • Main dealer or aftermarket parts
  • Expert mechanics
  • Free courtesy car
  • Fully insured workshop
  • Know the price before the work is done
How often are the wheels off? how often are you under the car?
Servicing is hugely important what with speed humps and potholes not to mention the amount of debris on the roads, your vehicle needs regular checks for the things the Mot person can not see, he/she is not aloud to remove components, wheels etc as you would in a service.
Brakes, steering etc

Brakes are hugely important in the well being of your car be sure to have them checked regularly by a professional. servicing is the time when the wheels come of to properly to check and adjust brakes, make sure you have enough coolant / anti-freeze, steering fluid etc.

Cam and Auxiliary belts
If you look closely at the picture you will see the auxiliary belt hanging over the front of the car. When this broke alternator stopped so the battery stopped charging, the steering pump stopped so the steering became dangerously heavy, smashed one of the covers and removed some of the pipes as it whipped round, this was all caused by a lack of maintenance. The cost of the service and the belt together would have been considerably less than the cost of the damage.
Servicing is important
If your still reading I'm sure you can see how important servicing you vehicle really is. phone Ace Auto Services now for a truly competitive quote, do it now don't put it off the consequences could be disastrous.