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Tyres are one of the most important and often the most overlooked components on your car. A very small portion of your tyre is the only contact your car has with the road, known in the trade as the "footprint" it is very important that it has at least 1.6 millimeters of tread, which is the legal requirement is left on the tyre when worn out. unfortunately the legal requirement does not go far enough, for example Germanys legal requirement is 3 millimeters and it is this because your stopping distance is greatly reduced with every millimeter that is worn off your tyres, more tread better braking.


Exhausts are probably the second most misunderstood component. Exhaust = front pipe, Catalytic converter, Exhaust expansion box and Rear exhaust silencer, (a simple system) all these components have a uses and value in the control of emissions in your car. If one of the parts in the exhaust the gets blocked, the engine light will come on. If on the other hand one part of the exhaust gets holed / broken you will use more fuel and possibly the engine light will come on. together these parts create a back pressure to keep the engine running properly and help keep your emissions where they should be therefore use less fuel.

Lambda Sensor

Lambda or oxygen sensor / s are situated in the exhaust just before and in some cases also after the catalytic converter. These measure the oxygen going down your exhaust and tell the car's computer or ECU (Electronic Control Unit), to add or reduce the amount of fuel going through the system keeping your car at its optimum performance. Saving you money. if this sensor stops working or senses something wrong again it will switch on the relevant light on your dashboard.

tyre markings


Tyre Markings
Tyre Construction
If you are interested in how a tyre is constructed take a closer look at the image. (Just click it) It will be a bit more than you thought.
Exhaust Construction
Some Exhausts are simpler than the example shown and some are far more complex. Ask Ace Auto Services for your quote now! Below is a rear silencer under construction, to the left is from the car and to the right is the exhaust pipe in between are a series of baffles to create back pressure and quieten the exhaust.